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Frequently Asked Questions

Every day we get inundated with e-mails from people asking he most basic of questions like: "What's the weather like?" to such questions as: "How far is it from my hotel to the middle of Alcudia?" We always try to answer every single e-mail we receive, but have listed those most frequently asked questions below, which will (a) hopefully answer your queries and (b) reduce our workload!

OK, let's start with

What is the weather like?
Hot...Between May and October it is virtually sunshine all the way with very little rain. In July and August it can be very humid and at night it is very sticky. If you come to Alcudia over the Winter months you will need to bring a jumper and/or coat for the evenings because it does go cooler but there will almost certainly be some stage each day when you can still enjoy the sun.

Is there anywhere I can hire a wheelchair or mobility scooter?
Yes, Lower Hire hire wheelchairs, mobility scooters and everything you could possibly need while on holidays, including buggies, cots, TVs, DVDs etc. Contact them via their website at: www.lower-hire.co.uk They will deliver to your hotel or apartment.

How many cigarettes can I take back home with me?
The simple answer is that there is no limit these days, but if you click here you will get some official guidlines.

Can I make reverse charge phone calls to the UK or Ireland from Mallorca?
Yes, dial 1408 and you will get connected to an operator

Do you have ATM machines in Mallorca?
Of course we do, how Third World do you think we are ... doesn't everywhere these days? To check out the location of ATM's abroad for Visa and Mastercard, check out their websites at: www.visaeurope.com and www.mastercard.com

Can you buy baby foods, nappies and milk in Mallorca?
Yes. Heinz baby foods and other brands are available in Supermarkets and Chemists, as are most brands of nappies. In Spain Nutraben is similar to SMA baby milk. Milupa Aptimil is available in Supermarkets as is Cow & Gate, which is available in the some smaller supermarkets.

How much does a taxi cost from the airport and how long does it take?
It takes about an hour and a quarter and costs around 70-75 euros. Palma taxi fares can be checked here.

Can I get to Alcudia by bus from the airport?
Yes, but by the time you get here it will be time to go back home to catch your return flight! Only joking, it's not THAT bad. You catch the A32 bus from the airport which will take you into the resort.

Is there anywhere for me to access my e-mails while I am on holiday?
Yes, there are several internet cafe's around town and many bars have free Wifi for customer's usage.

I am thinking of coming to Alcudia to work in the Summer months, what do you recommend?
As you can imagine, work in the Summer varies from one year to the next. It is impossible to point you in any direction, but what we would recommend that you come out on a cheap package towards the end of April and look around for work - and accommodation - while you are here. If you get fixed up then stay. If not, just enjoy the holiday!

Can you organise accommodation for me?
We can only arrange short term holiday accommodation, not long term accommodation. If you want to check out the hotels and apartments we have available go to the Alpha Rooms website or get an immediate quote by filling in the form at the top of this page.

Can I go Scuba diving in Alcudia?
Of course - Scuba Mallorca will accommodate your needs. They will even pick you up from your hotel. Check out their website at www.scubamallorca.com

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